Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Cradle of Filth and Mendeed, Bristol Academy

What a difference from the MCR gig where I clearly just didn't get it. Tonight was much more my kind of thing. Mendeed came out looking like a bunch of trainee accountants but hit us with the obligatory 45 minutes of heavy-as-shit rock. Special mention has to go to the drummer who despite looking like a gust of wind would blow him away, was the anchor round which both rhythm and melody, such as it is, flowed.

4/5 - I hope they do well, get a stylist and I'd like to see them pack out the Fleece

Cradle of Filth put on a damn fine show too. Nearly ninety minutes of pure rock theatre with the little guy running up and down, gargoyles, giant puppets, spark-shooting podium dancers and the rest; possibly the biggest mosh I've seen stretching from four bodies from the rail to four bodies from the sound desk too.

3/5 - Good theatre, OK music, the kids were certainly down with it. Missing something though.