Monday, August 28, 2006

Fortune Drive, Video Shoot

Fortune Drive, Video Shoot
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So Thursday was a bit mad. A video shoot? In the Old Duke? With forty or so cidered up Duke regulars and FD fans?

I didn't even know Asda did smart price vodka and Budgens must have been cleaned out of Strongbow.

Still, it all seemed to go well and I took lots of pictures!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sorting Pictures

So I've taken nearly 20,000 pictures in the last two years. I've also tended to carry around with me around a hundred or so of the best of my recent shots just to show folks who are interested.

Today however, I decided to buy an album to put some of "the best" in. Interesting exercise. What's "best"? How to tessilate three 6x4's so they look nice? Will that sticky stuff really work and can I get the air bubbles out? Does it matter if they're just a little bit wonky?

Still, nicely tactile and book-like. And if I may say so myself, very nice pictures.

Good times :)
Oracle XE

Easiest database install I've done in a *very* long time. Download, install the RPM's, tell it what port and the SYSTEM password and all done.

Sure it's limited: one CPU and 4G of Data.

It's going to give Sybase a run for its money. And I'm a Sybase bigot.