Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am SO tired. Three gigs in two nights and a LONG day in London doing the other stuff.

Blackbud did the Fleece justice (sorry I missed Clumsy! Argh!) on Monday with the Francos in able support.

Tuesday kicked off with the Cuban 'Eels on an all-Bristle show up at the Anson Rooms followed by the overnight success that will have been (huh?) Fortune Drive (who I first saw being supported by Clumsy, so closing the circle!)

Not putting the others down as they all put on great shows, but it was fantastic to see FD clearly pumped by their first gig in a while and with two LA showcases in the offing turn up their usual high enery levels to near-11 levels.

Oh, I've got some nice pics from Mon and Tues. Russ Cuban is definitely babe of the week though! 

Eight more gigs 'till Monsters of ROCK!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Banging music of the day

Check Nomo. Absolutely brilliant Jazzy Afro beat kinda thing. Found whilst trolling through one gigabyte of SXSW sampler!