Friday, April 25, 2008

Laser314 exhibition in Amsterdam

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I've been doing quite a bit of art recently, in Amsterdam, Berlin, London and LA just for giggles. Some of it has left me distinctly cold, like the Magnum retrospective at the Stedelijk and some has been outstanding and moving like the internment exhibition at the Japanese-American museum in LA.

So, to the latest: laser314's thing at the ABC Treehouse gallery near Spui.

Sadly, it's meh.

His stuff is part of the fabric of Amsterdam. When you're out you'll come across a deeply moving phrase bleeding from a hoarding that makes you stop and think. And as this example shows, he's literate too.

Sadly, out of context and hanging on a gallery wall, I'm not in the least convinced it works.


The ABC building is awesome though :) I want a desk there. And wifi.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I hate this crap but, since I've been tagged by such a superstar I'll play just this once.

So, six random things about me:

1. I pretty much have amusia: I can't tell a fourth from a fifth or a sixth from a third.

2. My grandparents are from each of the four corners of the union. My Irish clan is the O'Donoghue's and Kilkenny Castle is the family seat.

3. My ideal weight is 10st 8lbs.

4. Yes, love at first sight is possible. Reciprocation may, however, take several years and cause both people a lot of pain.

5. My son was taller than me when he was 14. He's now 6' 2" at 15.

6. The only two things I currently have on my "things to do before I die" list are: go to Taiwan and be in a rock and roll band. The second might be hard because of factoid 1.

I tag Dave Cross, James Hurst, Spiros, Indy, Joana and cowfish.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

It appears...

...I've volunteered to tour manage a friend's band's tour in July.

I don't *think* I was that drunk...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Only been here a few days, and fame of a sort already :) I'll take a little featurette in laist!

This calls for a celebration!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Calamity Magnet @ The Viper Room

So this has turned into a bit of a busman's holiday. I got randomly invited (thanks Genevieve!) to the launch of Calamity Magnet's EP at the Viper Room. Now, I'd say being on the guest list at the Viper Room is on the "list of things to do before I die" so I gladly accepted. And it was good to get back into the shooting saddle again.

OK, so they're not exactly my genre, but I really enjoyed it. Nice, wistful, country-tinged rock with more than a little whimsy. Highly recommended. UK bookers take note: these guys are GOOD.

Props also to the support bands: Let's Go Sailing and the other guy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dear California...

It's all very nice this attempt to go green, but to still insist that a pack of six bottles of beer go in a bag is just bonkers. It's not the prohibition any more!


Sunday, April 06, 2008