Saturday, July 29, 2006

A few more photo sets uploaded

The Hats @ The Fleece, Bristol
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Under pressure from Madame Saxy, I've put up some more pics from the last week or two!

First up, the lovely Hats from the Fleece:

Then, the mighty Counterfeits from, um, the Fleece:

On to First Element from, guess where? You got it, the Fleece:

If anyone in Bristolland has a contact for them, please put me in touch, I want to shoot them somewhere with slightly less crappy light!

And Final Lee (as they say down here), the pinnacle, the mighty, the awesome, the totally delicious Fortune Drive from Mr Wolf's. Billed as "an acoustic set". Like hell!

It was in aid of Cherry D, a local charity for local people.

So give 'em your fookin' money!

That's all. Looking forward to the Harbourside today!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fortune Drive, Ashton Court

Fortune Drive, Ashton Court
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Sunday was a curate's egg.

I hadn't heard whether I'd actually got a photo pass for the weekend, but whatever, there was no way I was missing Fortune Drive. After negotiating and finding out that I did actually have a pass (eventually) I made it to the stage as the guys were into their first song.

Oh, and some smartass jobsworth greeted me at the backstage gap in the fence with: "you're late". No shit Sherlock. I'm out of breath, bathed in sweat. *duh*

Anyhow, the guys were really up for it and the crowd was GREAT.

About two thirds of the way through they lost power. Mark manfully kept bashing the drums for a VERY extended drum solo, complete with beer topup (no pic, I was laughing too hard, sorry!). They got back into the groove only to have the power pulled, with no 5 minute warning, halfway through the penultimate song.

I've not heard an audience boo and jeer "The Man" so hard before. Such a shame. And why? With an hour's changeover too. For an old rock band no-one remembers.

Aston Court's loss is Bristol Harbourside's gain.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nadine, The Hats

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Good r'n'b, horn section and all, and a diva in the making belting out a few songs.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sony Ericsson k800i

Doesn't seem to be much out there about this wonderous little gadget, so hopfully this will get some gogglejuice and I'll get the answers to my questions as well as be useful to other folks!

First up, This is how to get it working with iSync. Great stuff and essential.

It's nice to have a reasonably decent camera even if it suffers horribly from jpeg jaggies. Maybe I'm just hooked on RAW these days?

The music player is great and I've ordered the 1G memory card from Moby Memory.

As supplied by my Voadafone pimp internet from the phone JFW. Gmail on the run! w00t!

So, dear lazyweb, how do I get internet on my Mac? Plugging the USB in gives me eth2 and a 10. IP address but no outgoing connectivity. What am I missing?


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Single issue politics - I now have my issue

Over the years, I've been both un- and dis- interested in politics. They were all as bad as each other. Even in the days of Tory sleaze, at least the revelations were amusing. However, this lot take the biscuit. From the massive plundering of our pensions to the current attack on basic freedoms and the resistance to an inquiry into 7/7 so that we can at least KNOW what happened, they have shown themselves to be the most morally bankrupt government in a long time.

However, there is *one* issue, above all else, which is seemingly irrelevant but is such a blatant injustice and which could so easily remedied. That issue? The West Lothian Question. Why are Scottish MPs allowed to vote on subjects over which their own parliament has jurisdiction in their own country? Indeed, they have tipped the balance on issues such as university top-up fees that they voted down in Scotland!

Major injustice, easy fix. Whoever promises to fix this has my vote.
Rock and Roll ain't's alive and well and living in the Bristol area:

At the Fleece in Bristol
At Moles in Bath
and Bradford on Avon of all places!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Four gigs in four nights!

Fortune Drive twice, Grand Rose Band twice, The Counterfeits, Snatch 22, the lovely Pete Roe twice, debauchery in a field...

You don't *really* want to see the evidence, do you? If I get enough messages, maybe, just maybe, I'll put some up...

Pirates of the Caribbean in on word: Tentacoo!

That's all.