Monday, June 13, 2005

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And so up the M42 to the legendary Castle Donningon. I admit to being a Donnington virgin. Never made it in the early eighties when it was at its height but I really enjoyed this weekend. It was interesting the difference in the audiences over the three days. The first day was quite emo, the second emo and rock and the last day very old skool rock. And of course, everything stopped on Saturday to pay homage to Ozzy who was utterly awesome of course.

Dresden DollsBiggest Surprise: Dresden Dolls. A drumming mime and a chick on the electric piano? They could have disappeared under a hail of bottles but totally won the tent over.

Alter BridgeBiggest Disappointment: Alter Bridge. For me, the recorded stuff is great (not knowing Creed at all) and I'd been told to watch the guitarist but the stage show just didn't come across. The singer poncing around didn't help.

IMG_2532.JPGBest Canadians: 3 Inches of Blood. They came out and did their half-hour at top speed. Great stuff.

Best audience participation: Bowling for Soup. From getting each side of the audience to chant "wankers!" at the other to defiling an inflatable sheep with a banana, they were just plain good fun.

Best Scandi band: A tie between Apocalyptica and In Flames.

Best overheard audience comment: When the blonde in Apocalyptica took the mike and introcduced then next song in his gravelly voice the guy behind me yelped: "holy shit! it's a bloke!". Took the words out of my mouth, mate.

Two bands who should have been there: Biomechanical and Mendeed.

Biggest assholes: the drunks next to me during Him. And even then, they were just having fun and were pretty funny too. She was cute though :-)

Least regretted miss: Velvet Revolver.

Most regretted miss: System of a Down.

Just plain the biggest: Ozzy. 'nuff said.

Day 3:

Energerica (yes, energetic)

Saints (why?)

IMG_2528.JPGStill Remains (pretty good)

3 Inches of Blood (ripped it up)

GlitteratiThe Glitterati (hit their spot)

Dresden DollsDresden Dolls (wow!)

Eighties Matchbox B-Line DisasterEighties Matchbox etc. etc. (nearly was a disaster)

Day 2:

A (good)

Bowling for Soup (fun)

Alter BridgeAlter Bridge (disappointing)

Anthrax (ripped the place a new one)

HimHim (yawn, but daughter loved it)

Reuben (kicked it)

In FlamesIn Flames (ripped the place another one)

Ozzy who is THE KING.

Day 1:

Planet of WomenPlanet or Women (ROCK!)

Fozzy (ok)
Lordi (funny)
Underoath (good)
Apocalyptica (awesome)
The Bled (can't remember)
InMe (ish)
My Chemical Romance (the kids liked it)
The Used (ditto)

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