Friday, September 22, 2006

FD on the road to Berlin

On the road to Berlin
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Day 4.

Day one was the kickoff gig in Bristol (excellent) , day two up to London at Madame JoJo's (stressful) and yesterday a leisurely pootle to Duesseldorf with a nice relaxing stopover in Anwerp on the way.

"Germany will be lovely when it's finished"

Or at least the roads. We set out with plenty of time to get to Berlin and have managed to hit every traffic jam and road works on the way. 200k to go in 90 minutes. Ain't gonna happen.

Ian Gillan loves to use the word "hurtle" to describe travelling on a tourbus. The best word I can use is "frustrating". Oh, and hot. The weather is fabulous!

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Svante said...

I think Gillan has another standards on his buses. I bet they are airconditioned for starters. :)