Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The English language

My Purple friends will know Pavel "SFMPE" where that means "Sorry For My Poor English".

Well, actually, his English was fine, if recognisably of Polish origin.

Tonight, I had a Taiwanese friend apologise for her English when I knew exactly what she meant.

I realised that maybe, the reason why English is so adaptable and why we not only tolerate but love to hear it spoken and mangled around that world is that English is totally distorted within this septic isle! From Geordie to Weegie to Brizzle to Mockney, there are dialects within an hour's drive. Why should we care if it's a common tongue for Chinese and Nigerians to communicate with taxi drivers in Santiago?

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jojo said...

What I can tell you from my experience is that we put so much effort in learning English properly for so many years that when we get here is frustrating that we're not good enough.
No-one speaks like the BBC presenters like we're told in class and it's very difficult and confusing to learn new ways to say things. We're used to listen to a certain pronunciation and suddenly everyone's accent around us is different.
In the end, we just want to do our best.