Wednesday, January 09, 2008


They say that part of being motivated for something is to make a public commitment.

As part of my near year's changes I am going to swim twice a week. I'll be happy to do between 10 and 20 25 meter lengths to start with but would aim for 50 in a reasonable time (what's reasonable, anyone? a couple of days?!) after a few months.

Just getting my kit together now and I'm off to the Zwembad.

Update: 20 lengths of 30 (ish) meters. I'll take that.


jojo said...

show us a pic of you in your swimming gear!

chrisworth said...

Dave, when I started I just set a goal of doing 2 more lengths every week. This gentle buildup got me to triathlon training distance (1600m in sub 30mins) in five months and I hardly noticed the extra effort. Happy stroking!