Thursday, February 07, 2008

New MacBook

My trusty and only slightly tuna-infused G4 is nearing the end of its Applecare eriod and has a couple of warranty, as opposed to abuse, related niggles that need fixing. So in preparation for sending it off and bequeathing it to my progeny, I had a new laptop in my sights. After much evangelising from my old colleague CMS, I was persuaded that a simple MacBook would suffice rather than the pro. The differences between the two were minor and white plastic wasn't that gay after all.

So, off to PC World and return with a remarkably slimline box.

First impressions are very good indeed. Bright screen, no lid latch to fail and after the annoying intro video, a breeze to get through initial network and user setup.

First niggle: MacBook couldn't see my G4 over firewire to import my not insignificant volume of data. Having been warned off rsync by the aforementioned cms, I consulted the Mac shop in Bath who suggested looking at the system profile to see if the G4 was seen at all on the firewire and then run the disk utility to see if the volume was visible to be forcibly mounted. After much, much cable plugging, magically both became true. It was then a simple matter to repair the G4's disk from the MacBook and mount it. Woohoo!

First epiphany: all my apps run on Intel. Woo for fat binaries!

Second and final niggle: my Vodafone USB dongle doesn't work. The USB bus sees it, the Vodafone software spins. I haven't had the time or the energy to work it out. Not sure if I care.

Result: MacBook: 6/5.


cms said...

The vodafone dongle looks like it might be a driver issue with leopard/x86 - some discussion here

I was punditing out loud last night about 3G data products, and I accidentally formalised one of the reasons that I prefer to use a phone handset with a data tariff - using a bluetooth link means you can more easily prop the handset in the window corner for a signal boost, if you find yourself stuck in a low signal site.

I've found using bluetooth modems straightforward on Macintosh. I wonder if the companies are all plugging the USB solutions, because bluetooth on windows is more variable? I wouldn't know.

It does take a while to get used to the macbook keyboard, doesn't it? You've mis-linked me;-)

Dave Hodgkinson said...

Link fixed.

As for keyboard, I'm having typing issues in general on all keyboards. Weird.