Monday, March 31, 2008

Wolfgang Tillmans "Lighter" at the Hamburger Bahnof, Berlin

I'd seen some Tillmans as part of my course at Bath Univerity a year or two ago and his work remained of interest. So when the opportunity came up to see a full-on retrospective in Berlin, I jumped at the chance.

First though, a few words about the Hamburger Bahnof. Formerly the terminus for the Berlin-Hamburg railway and close to Berlin's cavernous, new central station, it has been converted into an amazing space for art with a light, airy main hall, free coat check and the obligatory busy cafe serving all manner of culinary delights. Not as impressive a building as the Tate Modern perhaps, but definitely calmer and more civilised.

So to the exhibtion.

It made me smile.

Such a wide variety of works were on display in a surprisingly higgledy-piggledy manner, yet all conistent with the man himself: from simple canvases of colour, through his signature group sweaty nighclub shots to a fascination with windows.

By the end of four rooms of his work though, I was saturated with colour, and generally art-ed out, which I guess is a good thing!

Highly recommended.

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steve said...

came across your post about Tillmans, having just been to Berlin and seeing it

i though it was brilliant, blown away - i had to stop myself looking at it again though as i didn't want my initial impressions might wear off