Monday, July 28, 2008

London City Airport expansion

I just ranted this on FB, crossposted here, in response to this article on LCY expansion on the Torygraph.

I remember when LCY was a lovely, civilised, genteel little airport with that cute little shuttle bus from Liverpool Street, or, if on expenses, a taxi which had its journey time cut massively by some new tunnel on the way.

Now, it's a congested zoo.

And with all the rebuilding work going on, the DLR is somewhat shambolic and unreliable. I've missed one flight already because of the delays.

Oh, and beer in the bar at £4.30 a pint. WTF?

I got lucky with T5 in April: went hand baggage, no lounge access since I'm a BA pleb but combine Wagamama with a nice cocktail bar who cares? Sure, the Heathrow Express is an expensive option but it's fast and in my experience, reliable.

Still, from work in the City on a Friday afternoon to the arms of my beloved in Amsterdam in a couple of hours, who's counting?

If I were a permie, Eurostar/Thalys would be an option though :)

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