Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Grand Rose Band at Moles, Bath

This one's a tale of serendipity. I bumped into a guy and his sister debating laptops in PC World. We twisted their arms and they made the right choice: the Mac. Turns out the guy, Alex, is the drummer in The Grand Rose Band. I'd enjoyed the mp3's on their site and so jumped at the chance of seeing them in the intimate settings of Moles in Bath.


An hour of superb guitaring rawkingness later, Moles was rubble. Well, not quite, but you get my drift. For crying out loud someone, please sign these guys and get them on the road! They beat the pants off almost all bands I've seen in such a small club and their sound and presence would translate to a late afternoon slot on the NME stage at V for sure (hint!).

No pics, I was having fun.

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