Sunday, February 06, 2005

I admit it now: I was fully prepared not to like Green Day. Their one and a half minute speed-pop just seemed eminently disposable and designed to appeal to a particular market segment.

I was completely won over.

Firstly, kudos to "New Found Glory" for pumping out 45 minutes of fuck-you skate punk that got the kids nicely warmed up for the main event.

Green Day themselves opened with "American Idiot" and rocked their socks off for the next hour and an three-quarters with complete and utter showmanship. They used every trick in the book, flashbangs, flamethrowers, tickertape, audience members taking over instruments on stage (hi Tristan!), singalongs and much more, to keep the audience completely pumped.

Superb and worth the stupid drive to see them.

The usual pont and click pictures here.

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