Monday, October 23, 2006

Today, I shaved a yak.

It all started so honourably. I thought: "I know, I'll take my piddly little script to slurp my Amazon Marketplace listings and create a slightly prettier version and bundle it up and put it on CPAN.

Right, so if I'm doing CPAN, I really ought to have an svn repository to put it in.

Which means I really ought to give the wifi card on the linux box a static IP address so I can get at it from outside.

After much (hours) of dicking around, neither the 802.11b OR the 10-baseT card work. lspci says they're there, ifup doesn't.

I've been meaning to upgrade the poky 10-baseT card for a long time anyhow (a month to rsync 300G of data?!!!) so off to the dreaded PC World, dropped £8 on a Realtek (PC Line) branded 10/100 card and now I have blinkenlights!

So my rather naked yak at least has stubble.

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