Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bought any good books lately?

Well, yes actually. Following on from my yak-shaving of this week, I got fully immersed in turning my little script into a full blown module. Come 2AM, I have a Conway-style module, tests, test coverage (100% function coverage, 95% statement coverage etc. etc.), and having perlcritic give it the once-over. Sadly, I'd failed to include the code that Actually Did Stuff.

Oh well.

But! On the book front, I now have "Perl Best Practices" so I can look up where perlcritic thinks I'm being a cardi-wearing, pipe smoking dad on the style front. I have writing Perl Modules for CPAN so now there's no excuse not to. And finally Perl Testing A Developer's Notebook so again, no excuse not to.

Plenty to be going on with there I think.

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