Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Christmas!

Bobby Anderson

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Happy Christmas

Hi all. Happy Christmas! Nearly the end of the year, and what a year 2006 been. As far as I can tell I've shot something like 75 performances in 52 gigs. Ish. That includes the mighty, sweet, lovely Fortune Drive 13 times! And who I was lucky enough to go on the road with in Germany. There exists ONE book of tour photos from that expedition!

Last year, I picked a dozen shots that summed up 2005. This year you get a baker's dozen pics, many of which have never been seen before, of Bobby Anderson from the FD's.

Christmas Cards

The path to hell is paved with good intentions. There are a few people who religiously (geddit?) send me Christmas cards and I have some hand-made cards almost ready to post to them. Apart from the making part. So this will have to do. I love you guys and I'll make it up to you in beer next year.

The Move

The reason why I've been so crap? I've moved to London. Camden, more specifically. Even more specifically here. Not the middle of the road, just down a bit. It's lovely. Come visit. I have a sofa bed.

The day job

I'm now working for Venda, a lovely little e-commerce systems company in Covent Garden doing the usual perl hackery!

Existing Photos - For bands

Whilst packing for the move, I've collected together a massive pile of 6x4 prints of various bands: Blackbud, Fortune Drive, The Hats, The Counterfeits, Nadine, The Cuban Heels and many, many more. If you're in one of these bands and want first dibs, yell and we'll come to an arrangement. Basically, anyone I've shot this year, there's probably a pile of prints. Go on, your mums will love you.

Photo Sales

Which brings me on to the subject of print sales. If you're an individual and would like a print of any of my pictures let me know and we'll work out a price for a 12"x8". A small fraction are on my flickr pages.

Future Sessions

Lastly, the new work. I'll cover any gig in the London area for the usual deal: AAA pass (trust me, it's worth it for the different angles possible) in return for some shots for web use. Magazines, just mail/call me - I'm within 10 minutes walk of at least 15 venues.

For bands and artists, the possibilities for promotional shoots in Camden and London are endless. From simple groups shots in my flat, to location shots on and in the poshness of Primrose Hill to the underbelly of the markets. All for the usual reasonable hourly rate. And all you bands who have been waiting - now is the time!

I can also do the moody portrait thing on demand too!

Whatever - mail me!

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