Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank you David Byrne - US travel restrictions explained

A message from David Byrne's webmaster gave me a good clue as to what he was referring.

It's the extension to the US-VISIT program which will start to collect 10 fingerprints and possibly a retinal scan in addition to the current face print and 2 fingerprints.


  • The Federal Times from nearly a year ago. The first reference I found was from the beginning of 2006 and the system was "coming in a month or two". Heh.
  • US EU Mission - not impressed with the literacy of the US representative. "Very unique"? That's up there with "A bit pregnant".
  • From Wired

Overall, I can't say I'm quaking in my boots. I know some people who are now boycotting US trips over privacy and Guantanamo issues (hi Alex!), but I've been back a few times since 9/11 and the it's asinine "being seen to be doing something" restrictions on hand baggage, liquids and so on and stupid, untrained, rude security that is more of a problem IMHO, even at the front of the plane.

Thanks again to Tech for the clue.

Sorry for the rant. We now return you to your regularly scheduled photographs.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the imprisonment of Dmitry Skylyarov for a few months without trial for alleged infringement of the DMCA whilst he was resident in Russia and working on behalf of a Russian employer. - Alex

Dominic Mitchell said...

Bollocks. There's a reason the US was voted "worst country to visit" recently. I hate airports to begin with, and anything that makes it worse, even very slightly, introduces a hug negative potential.