Sunday, July 15, 2007


I lost my denim jacket. It was special in so many ways. I'd lost my previous (and first!) jacket when it was pinched from Madam JoJo's on the Fortune Drive tour. I say pinched, it probably got unknowingly packed up from the backstage area by one of the bands. Still, I was down one denim jacket.

So, last Christmas me dad sent me a Next voucher and in January I wandered into Next in Covent Garden, found the "sale remnant" rail and there, the only item of clothing in a "medium" size: my new jacket.

Yesterday, I missed it and couldn't remember where I wore it last. Then again, I've only been out to three places in the last week so we hit them again and the wonderful Cuban Cigars on Utrechtstraat had it in the broom cupboard.

I love you guys!

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jojo said...

in their place i would've given it to oxfam straight away!!! :p