Saturday, November 29, 2008

Testing the Canon 5D Mk2...

On Thursday I will be privileged to spend a day with Canon testing the Canon 5D Mk2.

As a Nikonian myself, they might be taking a risk with this :)

I'll try to be fair.

However, lazywebs: is there anything you want to know about it? Anything you'd like me to test?

Requests in the comments please!


Barbie said...

I'd like to know a few things:

* low light - how does it cope when you have subdued lighting, such as the kind for small club gigs, or parties, at various ISO levels?
* speed - how does it handle action shots, can it focus quickly? Although that's mostly down to the lens :)
* weight - is it a comfortable camera to hold and use?

Pity it's only a day, I don't suppose you're going to get the full opportunity to try it out in too many situations.

BTW If you need an assistant ... ;)

Dave Hodgkinson said...

The focus speed has already been brought up by Amita on behalf of nate.

Weight will be interesting since I've just moved up from the D70 to D300 and a chunkier lens. I remember my wrist aching like mad when shooting a gig with the D70, now I can go all day with the D300.

But I agree with that: balance, grip and button location are certainly something I'll be checking out.

Dom said...

Good work on bagging one for a test, here are my hot questions:

1. How good is the low light handling in RAW?

2. How fast is the shutter release in practice? it's a tad slower than many SLRs on paper.

3. How useful is the AF focus point spread?

4. What's the RAW handling like? shots in the buffer? crazy filesizes?

Look forward to your review!