Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Perl is dead

Ovid blogs here about the death of perl. OK, so the quoted survey is flawed. How about numbers off jobstats?

SQL 15.1%
C# 6.3%
Java 5.7%
JavaScript 4.5%
C++ 4.2%
C 3.4%
PHP 2.9%
VB 2.5%
Perl 1.6%
Python 0.7%
Ruby 0.5%
Delphi 0.5%

Not looking a very healthy parrot there either.


Anonymous said...

Lots of people have moved away from it, it may well have had it's day in the sun. Web development was always the backbone of its public image, and that's increasingly gone 'enterprise', a place where other platforms perhaps fit the environment more neatly.

The Bristol/Bath perlmongers list is livelier than it's ever been though.

Joel Hammond-Turner said...

And there's also been a fair amount of traction gained by the "convention-over-configuration" brigade with Rails (ruby, .Net or whatever). That and PHP's prevalance has really cut into perl's usage for web dev - which was always being pushed by ASP.Net anyway. Mono on Linux doesn't help the cause either.

Then again, I jumped into bed with the .Net devil years ago!