Saturday, February 17, 2007

A legendary night

OK, so people do this all the time but it's a long time since I have on such a scale or with these folks before and the first time in my new manor.

So, Matt texted me in the afternoon that he, Tim "QPR" and Kez were up in London for a gig and would I be up for a quick one afterwards?

Do bears shit on the pope?

So we slope off to Paddington for beer so they're well placed to get the last train back at half eleven. The appointed hour approaches and no-one showed any sign of actually boarding the train. "Can we kip at your's, Dave?" Um, OK. So back to Camden and the after-hours madness that is the Dublin Castle. We lose several of the party in search of fags in the wee small ones and then having found them again, the lure of the kebab proved too strong.

Finally, back to mine for coffee and well-deserved sleep.

Of course, their train tickets aren't valid for today, so I ended up driving the posse back to Bath; the gas money will go towards an emergency bottle of Jack Daniels to sit behind an "In Emergency, Break out Glasses" sign.

Ah, good times.

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