Monday, February 19, 2007

Outsourcing fundamental services

I'm not, generally speaking, a huge fan of outsourcing stuff. As a geek, I know how to set up and run stuff.

However, and as Greg recently pointed out, there's a spectrum of utility that makes these things compelling. Personally, I've gone from having two servers at Rackspace to a mashup of Dreamhost, Flickr, Blogger and a few other services.

Now I'm involved in a startup again, where there are only two developers and some freelancers, I'm finding the same model applies.

Today, I was mostly moving our mail over to Google Apps for My Domain, and very smooth it was too. With our marketing folks trialling Salesforce, the developers using Backpack, I can only see this spreading.

Anyone else?

Where's the tipping point where you bring everything back in-house?

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Richard said...

I'm sure someone told us to focus just on what we want to do, and leave (a.k.a outsource) all the other stuff to someone else. Email hosting, accounting, ticket tracking... get it out the way. Makes sense to me, freeing up time to do what you want to do. Providing, of course, you can tell what is and isn't important.