Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Single issue politics - I now have my issue

Over the years, I've been both un- and dis- interested in politics. They were all as bad as each other. Even in the days of Tory sleaze, at least the revelations were amusing. However, this lot take the biscuit. From the massive plundering of our pensions to the current attack on basic freedoms and the resistance to an inquiry into 7/7 so that we can at least KNOW what happened, they have shown themselves to be the most morally bankrupt government in a long time.

However, there is *one* issue, above all else, which is seemingly irrelevant but is such a blatant injustice and which could so easily remedied. That issue? The West Lothian Question. Why are Scottish MPs allowed to vote on subjects over which their own parliament has jurisdiction in their own country? Indeed, they have tipped the balance on issues such as university top-up fees that they voted down in Scotland!

Major injustice, easy fix. Whoever promises to fix this has my vote.

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