Monday, July 24, 2006

Fortune Drive, Ashton Court

Fortune Drive, Ashton Court
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Sunday was a curate's egg.

I hadn't heard whether I'd actually got a photo pass for the weekend, but whatever, there was no way I was missing Fortune Drive. After negotiating and finding out that I did actually have a pass (eventually) I made it to the stage as the guys were into their first song.

Oh, and some smartass jobsworth greeted me at the backstage gap in the fence with: "you're late". No shit Sherlock. I'm out of breath, bathed in sweat. *duh*

Anyhow, the guys were really up for it and the crowd was GREAT.

About two thirds of the way through they lost power. Mark manfully kept bashing the drums for a VERY extended drum solo, complete with beer topup (no pic, I was laughing too hard, sorry!). They got back into the groove only to have the power pulled, with no 5 minute warning, halfway through the penultimate song.

I've not heard an audience boo and jeer "The Man" so hard before. Such a shame. And why? With an hour's changeover too. For an old rock band no-one remembers.

Aston Court's loss is Bristol Harbourside's gain.

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