Saturday, July 29, 2006

A few more photo sets uploaded

The Hats @ The Fleece, Bristol
Originally uploaded by davehodg.
Under pressure from Madame Saxy, I've put up some more pics from the last week or two!

First up, the lovely Hats from the Fleece:

Then, the mighty Counterfeits from, um, the Fleece:

On to First Element from, guess where? You got it, the Fleece:

If anyone in Bristolland has a contact for them, please put me in touch, I want to shoot them somewhere with slightly less crappy light!

And Final Lee (as they say down here), the pinnacle, the mighty, the awesome, the totally delicious Fortune Drive from Mr Wolf's. Billed as "an acoustic set". Like hell!

It was in aid of Cherry D, a local charity for local people.

So give 'em your fookin' money!

That's all. Looking forward to the Harbourside today!

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