Friday, July 14, 2006

Sony Ericsson k800i

Doesn't seem to be much out there about this wonderous little gadget, so hopfully this will get some gogglejuice and I'll get the answers to my questions as well as be useful to other folks!

First up, This is how to get it working with iSync. Great stuff and essential.

It's nice to have a reasonably decent camera even if it suffers horribly from jpeg jaggies. Maybe I'm just hooked on RAW these days?

The music player is great and I've ordered the 1G memory card from Moby Memory.

As supplied by my Voadafone pimp internet from the phone JFW. Gmail on the run! w00t!

So, dear lazyweb, how do I get internet on my Mac? Plugging the USB in gives me eth2 and a 10. IP address but no outgoing connectivity. What am I missing?


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